Probably, stuck somewhere amidst the chaotic perspectives

Feels reassuring? 

Or, just the comfort of being mollified constantly determines everything

There is an aspiration to advance, but the cause isn’t so powerful

Enduring the repetitiveness numbs the consciousness

Why be so aggrieved from the unfolding events that can alleviate?

It’s just that the fire of jealousy burns bright, albeit for a brief moment

Askant eyes reflect depreciated emotions

Who’s to blame for this predicament?

Even the soft-hearted messenger with a positive message becomes a fiend

In those eyes wrongful discriminations glaringly visible

All in vain, the reassurances and soothing words of love

Progressing through such stressful and deceitful times

Towards the darkening labyrinth that threatens to coil like a serpent

Poisonous streams weaken the life flows but energise the demon

The altercations are just an excuse to justify the odd complexities


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