‘Nothing’ holds multitude of unspoken emotions

One of the words mentioned ubiquitously in life

When the heart does not want to share feelings

The word reluctantly escapes through the lips

After lot of contemplation about the situation

This word bears the burden of an inner turmoil

When life spins out of control, a pivotal shift

The world rushes in to pull out a life amidst chaos

A word, ‘nothing’, goes unnoticed so many times

An escape from the prying eyes of the world

Tempestuous world within narrates a contrary story©

7 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. So intuitively written…
    Same could be said of , “fine”…..
    One wonders if those who ask, “how are you, what’s wrong?”… could really bear the weight of the share if it was to be made…

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      1. Takes an openness and strength to face being vulnerable… We all have the same feelings and needs.. So the question is can we acknowledge our own needs? Then maybe we can acknowledge others… Or do we allow ourselves to blindly get lost in the comfort of oblivion to rot from the inside out…

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      2. It is not about being vulnerable but being sure enough or confident to surrender to love or trust a person with our feelings completely. One can reach this state with self-realization and by using the intellect in a positive way. I feel, humans have used their minds more destructively and to manipulate society rather than to create an environment of faith and goodwill. Mostly, we are confused with the plethora of confusing ideologies surrounding us, which have been deliberately propagated to keep us in a constant state of fear and indecisiveness.

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