Incredulous Narratives

With a look of incredulity, the essence of beauty is sullied When radical sentiments strangle the minds into submission Fantasizing about the unchaste thoughts to become a reality Common sense becomes incommunicado allowing a free run Dual personalities coalesce and form an inseparable character Surpassing the postmodern narratives with grotesque schemes Channels of knowledge overflowing with sludge and debris Ideas are being sold and consumed, albeit … Continue reading Incredulous Narratives

Eccentric Times

Living with the eccentricity of time is creating a furore Life is squandered away trying to sort the flaky layers  Once blood flowed with vitality, now simmers with rage Network of blue threads under the skin is extremely taut Contours of briskly walking silhouette reflect aberrations  Holding the ancient texts from the spine for open dialogue Conversing with the unknown author to unravel truth Passed … Continue reading Eccentric Times

Of Thoughts

Paranoia makes the mind an inhospitable place. Even when positive thoughts would like to arrive, they are treated with contempt and ultimately shoved aside to the deepest and darkest corner of the mind. Creating a puzzle with pieces of negativity allows the mind to try various combinations and avenues to engage in a dialogue; where, a position of disadvantage, is reflected with passionate urgency; sometimes, … Continue reading Of Thoughts