Writing, a Journey

When words drown in noise, feelings are submerged forever Becomes a gruelling journey for expressions through dissonance Unnecessary thoughts gyrating in the hollow world of absurdity Ink is adulterated while conniving with the convoluted thoughts Warped logic drives the pen to revolt against a pure elucidation  Consciousness that has surrendered to counter-intuitive philosophies Expose the truth and save words from agony of constant embezzlement Retain the purity … Continue reading Writing, a Journey

Brevity and Meaning

Let not the brevity of verses deceive you Words encompass the consciousness and beyond It’s supra-intelligence that dawn over a new world of knowledge Where the firmament bends to surrender into the ocean Looking at the horizon for an extravagant world to awaken  It’s the union of multitude of senses in waves of rhythmic flow Mind inclines towards the realms of ultimate comprehension When the … Continue reading Brevity and Meaning