Through Photographs

It could be our inability to communicate the minutest details effectively that we want to convey experiences through photographs. Being suspicious of the consciousness due to our lack of understanding of complexities of a mind could be another reason we rely on photographs to present evidence. In a continuously evolving environment, it is possible the interpretations of photographs will vary and even challenge our own perception(s). … Continue reading Through Photographs

The Evening

Leaning towards an intriguing evening Somber moods of the day flailingly seek refuge Soft murmur of darkness is a pleasant surprise The heart is unburdened of undesirable anarchy Voices will be heard again with patience Parched life drinks from a mystical stream  Silver essence of the potion rejuvenates the soul Mind is eager to embrace the evening’s candour  From darkness appears a messiah of hope Pray thee … Continue reading The Evening

Different Journey

Feelings settle down in our soul Desires spark thoughts to travel like a flame Eyes reflect the intense moments before embarking on a chosen path Inspiring the world to visit with compelling storytelling Images of unknown worlds mesmerize the wanderer’s spirit Soul guides this journey through supreme consciousness A resonant voice tames the uneasiness to clarify doubts In stillness, the entire chaos of the universe is … Continue reading Different Journey