Surviving Thoughts

The spirits of thoughts are conveyed by words. It becomes an arduous task to choose them and do utmost justice to the sentiments to keep alive the flame of that spirit. After the death of a thought, the spirit continues to survive through the transience and every day branches out to different trajectories when minds from a different world of existence wish to communicate or … Continue reading Surviving Thoughts

Subtle Demarcations

We aspire to trespass the subtle demarcations Etched over the canvas of life as cloned motifs Transgressions elevated to a notion of adventure Running away to prove superiority over own ilk Crowding over the myriad definitions of existence Trying to usurp an imaginary position of hegemony In hordes, the consciousness deviates from life Many stories have been woven with fabrications The inferences from them reflect weaknesses … Continue reading Subtle Demarcations

Beyond the Images

I rarely analyze the photographs and their origin,  Glared upon by the photographic eye, to evoke the desired pose Rapt attention at the thought of an expected image already dreamt Life freezes for a moment and flashes of light strike with precise intensity Seized moments, when a mere device is manipulated to deliver the images Even protagonists are not aware of the true feelings, after … Continue reading Beyond the Images