While planning a future, the present is neglected. The future cannot be evaluated in certain drawn out boundaries. It’s a fact, we try to plan or design a future, but uncertainty is undeniable. The conflict is between the perceived certainty and the ambivalence due to unforeseen events.  We have to reach an understanding between the brain and mind, which communicates, but also contradicts.  ~Amitav Continue reading Planning

A Vision

Conjure the Spirits of deep firmament Eternal immensity can be daunting for the mortals Only pure vision of the soul can look through  Rejuvenate the depleted forces and shine again Corresponding with the expansive and pulsing core Eyes will concentrate the trajectories to a dot Sublime consciousness will unravel infinite dimensions Ignore the distractions and instant gratifications Universe will awaken to embrace the seeker© Continue reading A Vision

The Flame

Undistinguished flame is purer than the exaggeratedly dancing photons Its aura has warmth and embraces the entire existence of a soul A rhythmic sway to match with a subtle flirtatiousness of the wind  Beauty does not lose charm and enlightens the eyes to realize aesthetics Patterns of life with the intricate designs and motifs are masterpieces The canvas is tantalizing to the intellect which inspires works of … Continue reading The Flame