Writer’s Tale

Writing is a spontaneous flow of feelings and it is a compulsion to pen them down. Somewhere, the writer feels antsy until and unless the words blend with the ink to create a potent potion.

It’s creativity spread out in those blank pages. Try not to over think and stem the natural flow of ideas. The best writing is always spontaneous.

The writer’s agile mind is always looking for inspiration from the every sphere of life and the world around. Where thoughts travel faster than the speed of light and ideas take shape every moment, it is only advisable to pen down these precious observations.

You as a writer shows the world that’s subtle and carve out a meaningful world, that may otherwise, thought to be an imagination or surreal.

Keep the mind free and let them roam around unknown places and you will always come up with some inspiration to write.

It’s not necessary to travel the world, when you, with your powerful imagination can create a world as beautiful, or even, more beautiful that can challenge the existing world.

As a writer, you have the power to transform the thought processes and plant the seeds of hope, positivity, and compassion.

Creativity and literature play an important role in shaping the society and educate the readers with greater possibilities, beyond the realm of existing predicament.

Clarity of thought and the constant endeavor to write, till the last breath, should be the credo of every writer.

Draw inspiration from personal failures and triumphs and inspire readers to think and dream about the possibilities. To all writers, stay motivated, and do not stop dreaming. Most importantly, keep writing.

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