Literary Pursuit

A literary pursuit should not be perceived as a challenge. Creativity and arts both have their languid path carved out; through which you have to roam. You are a lost wanderer in myriad labyrinths to find the true meaning of creativity. This journey takes time, and the Muse is your guide all along, to bestow you with the words and honest feelings; to help you … Continue reading Literary Pursuit

In Pursuit

In reality, we pursue a phantom Thy name is future Breathing enough reality into it Even before the present moment can retire Looking ahead to capture the illusion Distracted minds look ahead in anticipation Ambivalence leaves the heart with contradictions Always in a vain, search driven by desires Shrunken imaginations lay crumpled in mind’s corner Precious moments are lost- between memories and future This present moment … Continue reading In Pursuit

A Future we do not want

Global warming is a reality, it’s happening and major changes are affecting climate, health, and overall condition of the Earth. Many who do not want to believe this negative phenomenon, is not mature enough to understand the implications it will have on the future generations. We have been extremely lackadaisical; on the other hand, we are always aggressive and when it concerns luxury and comfort … Continue reading A Future we do not want