The Original Design

The original design of the plan integrated every piece perfectly. The creator with an unparalleled imagination planned the magnificent design. It is visible from afar with the naked eye. Intricate designs chiseled with fine craftsmanship, resulting in a stupendous display of subtle nuances. Planned with meticulous details, a backup design was also thought of and introduced as a parallel existence. The parallel world is unknown … Continue reading The Original Design

As you Wander

Everyone who wanders is not a seeker Assimilate the beauty to welcome the world From your small haven, experience the world Inhale the air blended with many aromas Every pore filled with the beauty of the world Awaken the universe that you are Let the mind wander to explore the unknown Deeply rooted, your branches go beyond horizons Embracing the world graciously Only the enlightened traveler … Continue reading As you Wander

True Awakening

Wait, till the cosmic powers Grant you the passage To search for the pure soul Thou be vigilant For the source of light is hidden Away from the multitude Not everyone’s destiny To exchange knowledge, soul to soul Patience, and an observant mind Will be allowed passage Clearing away the mysteries and nothingness Two pure souls shall meet Cosmic illumination will brighten the world True … Continue reading True Awakening