Organizations and Employability

Today’s organizations have unreasonable demands from prospective employees. They should always possess multiple skill sets (it’s like flirting with all and not committed to any). Again, with the rapid upgradation to those skills sets, requires one to stay abreast with the latest (it’s like upgrading software patches frequently). Humans are being treated nothing more than machines and organizations complain of the Skills gap and lack … Continue reading Organizations and Employability

Literature and Readers

Literature, with deep philosophical concepts, is read with reluctance at first. There is palpable nervousness while reading them and whether to believe some ideas which are contrary to the existing ones. The mind becomes repetitive and draws a boundary within which it likes to think upon. Going beyond that is rarely thought of and requires immense courage. A philosophy which leaves a deep impression on … Continue reading Literature and Readers

Follow Eternity

There is always time When the heart follows eternity Life will bloom and wither away In all ages, across the paradise Time will perfect the life’s course I need not hasten through needless motions Being faithful to Nature’s plan I seek not to clamber through this journey I find my feet feeling the rough gravel Walking across the wilderness Life’s abundant offerings are a blessing Soaking in the … Continue reading Follow Eternity

Comprehending Sleep

Sleep is almost here, as the neurotransmitters will take over control and manipulate the neurons. So many chemical reactions occur in the brain, it’s intriguing. Sleep will leave us immobile for few hours, leave us in a state of semi-consciousness and the subliminal mind becomes agile; to entice us with unfulfilled desires and even at time nightmares. We are in an in-between land, the territories … Continue reading Comprehending Sleep