Comprehending Sleep

Sleep is almost here, as the neurotransmitters will take over control and manipulate the neurons. So many chemical reactions occur in the brain, it’s intriguing.

Sleep will leave us immobile for few hours, leave us in a state of semi-consciousness and the subliminal mind becomes agile; to entice us with unfulfilled desires and even at time nightmares.

We are in an in-between land, the territories are unknown and this is where the subliminal minds communicate directly with the cosmic powers, before passing on the directions to our semi-conscious mind.

It’s like an experiment going on without our consent as we are already supine in our bed, snug in the softest blankets; thus, there is no resistance at all.

Sometimes during lucid dreaming, very briefly, you feel you are part of the dream and remember that you do go and shake a leg to create a commotion, only to be asleep again.

In the case of somnambulism, such an event is taken further, the protagonist will do some tasks and even walk away further, in a semi-conscious state that too will unfailingly reach the correct destination; at the time may get lost too. Who shows the directions to navigate with eyes closed?

The entire philosophy of sleep needs to be understood and inconclusive scientific tests do not throw much light on the phenomenon comprehensively.

The part of the neuron that switches off to put us to sleep is due to a chemical named ‘adenosine’, which builds up in our bloodstream; causing drowsiness and then sleep.

Leave aside the scientific aspect of sleep or how it is caused. Is there any hidden agenda to put us to sleep? Or should we accept the fact that it is entirely due to a chemical build up in the bloodstream (adenosine) and also mental and physical fatigue.

What if there is a sleep factory, where adenosine is manufactured. My sleepy mind does not want to stop pursuing this matter. The entire episode which leads to the buildup of sleep is still shrouded in mystery. We need to lose some sleep over the entire matter to unravel the true intention of sleep.


P.S. This is not a scientific report, this article is to be read in a lighter manner and ponder over the possibilities before you go off to sleep. I did use some scientific terms where required.

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