Glimmer of Hope

When paradise has a forlorn look Grace from life has walked away The heart is deluged by discomforting silence Soul has found a dark retreat to hide Even the Sun cannot cajole the sombre mood Life’s arid land yields no happiness Flowers do not bloom anymore Waiting from the clouds to bring shower This parched land needs to be revived When hope is confined in … Continue reading Glimmer of Hope

Heart Becomes Weary

Heart becomes weary When love becomes a fantasy An imagination born out of deception The heart sways between tow worlds- Chastising the truth and encouraging the lies Such moments of euphoric gratification The world shrinks and becomes an island Surrounded by the strong flowing desires Wrenching the heart of true love, slowly Finally, the heart is weaned away forever On the island of despair Marooned … Continue reading Heart Becomes Weary

Literature- Words and Feelings

It makes me think if we have all the words to expresses our feelings in their purest form. Even the vocabulary which we have with the synonyms and antonyms in the Thesaurus are not enough sometimes. From sign language to the words and then numerous spoken languages (let’s not forget those languages which are spoken by very few people of an ancient community or tribe), … Continue reading Literature- Words and Feelings

Education- To Empower Humanity

Education should be liberating and encourage you to indulge in critical thinking, and give you the confidence to venture out to seek new ideas. Education must not teach conformity with a blindfold and train you to take orders and face the ignominy of following the herd aimlessly. They are shepherded by unrealistic desires and ambitions, by minds hardened by laborious conditioning. Let not education become … Continue reading Education- To Empower Humanity

Waning Flames

When the flames lose intensity And flicker with the stroke of silence Entire life burns feebly The radius of brightness shrinks Weakening flame, but the core has lustre Frail edges provide enough heat Kindled by the eternal energy Harmonizing to enlighten the soul Gradually the ashen residue of life will be there The core of the flame is immortalized Final intensity of the flame will be weaned away … Continue reading Waning Flames