Facing Challenges and Staying Motivated

Most significant achievement in life is to learn how to work your way through the myriad challenges and failures in life. This world will throw more rejections at you than you can imagine. Sarcasm disguised as praises, is the most common expression as a means to vent passive aggression. Any idea that does not appeal to the popular imagination and sentiments are considered to be … Continue reading Facing Challenges and Staying Motivated

Welcoming the Night

The window blushed with twilight tinge Urging me to say goodbye to the day A reprieve from the strains of clamor Soon, brisk paces will slow down Far away, from an alien land, night will arrive The mind can float around in a silent bay Appreciating the rhythmic beats of the heart Mystical powers will transform the landscape Darkness will provide a tranquil retreat The wind … Continue reading Welcoming the Night