Core concept of existence is always immaculate Preserved in timelessness and changes are subtle Continuity is the lifeline with self-healing ability Through infinite dimensions of shapeshifting reality Mythical realms inspired by the cosmic awakening Boundless is life when soul surrenders to Truth Power dwells not within concrete arrogance of minds Reality eludes the seekers waylaid by expectations Spiritual disillusionment exhausts the soul and mind Trying to traverse … Continue reading Concepts


The nod from paradise here was perceived to be an approval Real dichotomy between the mind and brain created a chasm Comprehending life in an essential phase under duress Every moment, the steps taken forward reverses fate to anonymity Universe decides to inculcate the reality in soul’s sanctum Proprioceptors disturbed by the hurried nature of parallel reality Conceiving Time and Space according to worldly consciousness … Continue reading Approval