Change and Beyond

Change disappears faster than anticipated when they are supported by unknown external factors. The rational mind wishes to negotiate with an irrational world; mostly, the parts that are used to construct this reality are sourced from various ideas. Inadvertently, the mind has to adjust and squeeze into the outer thought bubble. It is happy existence, till the bubble bursts due to highly charged particles bouncing … Continue reading Change and Beyond

You Still Can…

Hearing, assimilating, and communicating

Sentiments visit to create a whirlwind environment

Unprepared, a feeble and drowsy heart is pushed forward

To comprehend the chaos and align immediately

Déjà vu experiences slide through a loop, a paradigm Continue reading “You Still Can…”


Unsure feelings hovered around the edges of eyes Brief glances craved the return of classical world Today, the vision seems fickle and withdrawn Seeking courage and waiting for another dawn Melancholic sentiments never reached the heart Virtue of the mind sought to speak of hope Glint of emotional response was inevitable Distorted reflections escapes with a saline stream Love’s assurance and sanguine heart Keeps alive … Continue reading Sight

On Reading

Reading is essential and fair interpretation is absolutely critical. Words can deceive, but the underlying sentiments narrated can open a new dimension of thinking. It is often observed that reading becomes a contrived effort to engage with a book or piece of writing to acquire some information, leaving aside the fundamental aspects of deeper analysis. Going beyond the surface of words and spending time within … Continue reading On Reading

Truthful Silence

Adrift in the mist of silence Quiet exit from the convoy of thoughts No more complaints and doubts An infinite focus on the soul’s presence Silence holds my hand Before the clamour for return could quieten A new journey with unsure steps New eyes decipher the symbols Replicated world dissolves hurriedly Abandoned burdens and prejudices Blank canvas stares with passion New ink will inscribe the … Continue reading Truthful Silence


It’s impossible to read the thoughts in a crowd Interfering wavelengths permeate to jeopardize consciousness Seeking an individual identity through perception of others Dichotomy creates an alternate reality, mirrored images Unseen hands can manipulate with the angles to distort an image Yearning to connect for validation of repeated thoughts A single identity is separated to create multitude of personalities Isolation in a crowd is inevitable, a … Continue reading Identity

Illumined Sphere

Eyes stretch to search for warmth  Cold vibes demoralize the feelings Crackling fire speaks to a soul in earnest Warm the cold hands Before placing them on the heart Relinquish mortal pains Accept, life is slow Transient moments hold eternity Fire reflects same passion Soul will ignite dreams with true spirit Bridge the abyss Fire attracts cosmic forces Guides through rough terrains Feel the intensity of fire … Continue reading Illumined Sphere