Sneaky fellows flounder but find ways to creep into other’s world for a preview Artful dodgers trying to gather support from the ones who harbor similar passion Honest ways require years of dedication and sometimes even noble gestures overlooked World mesmerized with fanatical ideas to collect success without crumbs of emotions Detached from reality and acting as self-proclaimed profligates of extravagant dreams Emotional promiscuity does not allow the … Continue reading Evasive


Everyone trying to emphasize something or the other Arguing over, neither this is right not that Compartmentalized knowledge and some traditional views We accept that change is inevitable, yet hold on to the same There is dichotomy, a choice between practicality and banality Sometimes overruling traditions to override digressions Then the liberal mind takes over and leads to self-destruction Liberated- a meaning being twisted with multitude of … Continue reading Emphasis