Beauty without a lie awakens the soul Enraptured, while seeking a pure mystery Leading the heart towards a blissful journey Eyes dream fair and brighten with love Harmony of the Universe follows the gait  Let the secrets dawn as hearts seek  Graceful beauty visits a slumberous fate A dream transforms into magical reality In silence the hearts express gaiety Be still and embrace the cosmic beauty An eternal … Continue reading Magical


Eyes have lost their gleam When there’s perpetual twilight in life Feelings are on the ebb Merriment is a rarity in dwindling hope Soul has taken a hiatus from life Trace the shadows to meet an anguished heart Fragile frame unable to fathom unfair competition Not everyone is a born athlete Conversations ricochet from cold lifeless world Fair-minded thoughts never get credence Many bottled feelings are swept … Continue reading Hope


Don’t hide the heart from the Sun Sometimes mind can be wayward in its journey Intoxicated by the pessimistic mantras   Deprived of happy feelings, heart becomes indolent  Intrigued by  the echoes from a hollow heart Infirm hands struggle to reach out to embrace positivity Negativity untiringly cascades to deluge hope It’s fatiguing to keep breathing in submerged life Sun’s intensity is not enough to … Continue reading Choices