Pursue the hidden meaning in transience Turn away from the life-long indifference Expectations transform the heart into a slave Wooing life along a path of distressed sentiments Desperate alterations do not ensure a snug fit Sentiments are instructed to portray indifference Desire of a meteoric rise that blazes into oblivion Role-plays are causes of maxillofacial injuries Tired tongue voices the opinions that are tutored Eyes have ceased … Continue reading Changes

Faces and Narratives

Walking through the crowd, greeted by sallow faces Brightness of a new day does not reflect from the eyes Morning clarity is only a solemn reminder but overlooked Possible that sleep may not have had a chance to visit Scrutinizing intensely the life spent without any purpose Life leans and casts an elongated shadow on the future The Sun is perceived to be an intruder … Continue reading Faces and Narratives


Unsettled thoughts move from here to there Looking to carve out a space to find some succour There’s sudden urgency to be away from the rush When it is a choice to find commonality  Iconoclastic ideas are considered unwanted obtrusions Being conspicuous among mundanity is a choice Fatigue has become a constant companion Trying to imbibe the accepted routines in behaviour Obtuse morality is a … Continue reading Decisions