Idea of Supremacy

The whole idea of supremacy is an aberration. Believing in the idea that one is inferior proves there is an inherent fear to be challenged.

Real freedom comes, when one has no fear of losing and do not compare their way of life with others.

Gaining satisfaction from comparisons is a reflection of weakness and defeats the sole purpose of life itself.

Attitude and approach toward life will ensure the kind of success one will achieve.

A success that makes one edgy and paranoid about losing it all is only materialistic; real success gives one the freedom to look at winning and losing as necessary lessons in life.

One’s palpable weakness and vulnerability are reflected in the behavior toward the people they meet- families, friends, colleagues, and others.

The whole idea of a superiority complex is a fallacy and it restricts further growth in wisdom and character. It puts one in a defensive zone who relentlessly pursues means to destroy others.

In this whole endeavor to suppress and destroy others brings one dangerously close to self-destruction. Manufacturing complex situations, in life, will at one point confront the one who is the mastermind behind all the chaos.

Slowly, the aberrations transform into wide chasms of despair and failure. One can breed the idea of vanquishing all, but time has the last word and delivers the final comeuppance.

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