Holistic Writing

Writing is a holistic experience. It’s like meditation with thoughts, ideas, emotions, and philosophies. As a writer it is extremely important to be aware of the many facets of life; developing this awareness takes time and usually helps the writer to comprehend life in its entirety.

There are two sides of life, which are precariously balanced on a fulcrum- the positives and negatives. Balancing these two realities of life, is achieved with maturity and the ability to take informed decisions in life.

Life, as we have come to realize, present you with many choices and temptations. It’s up to the individual to choose and await the consequences-rewarding or unsatisfactory.

As a writer, it’s unlikely, you experience everything in life, but your enhanced understanding of life, society, and human psyche allows you to analyze every situation without prejudice.

Through writing, it is important to portray the reality, which may include, both positives and negatives. It is important to portray a well-balanced view of both the sides, without being critical. It’s quite common to misinterpret the difference between, ‘criticism’ and ‘critiquing’.

Constructive writing is always appreciated, remaining within the ambit of civility.

As a writer, your work will be read by many, and with the advent of social media and other online media platforms, it is likely, that your writing will be read by readers from various demographics. Cultural sensitivity is of utmost importance when it comes to writing.

Endearing yourself to the readers and ensuring that your words are read and well-received, the writings should not sound condescending.

Respect your readers and their intellect. You have to master a way to focus on the negatives in a humane and subtle way.

We cannot deny, there are numerous faults in the infrastructures of society we have created. We have been in the process of learning new things, from previously committed mistakes and wrong decisions.

As a writer, you have to think beyond the established pillars of society and try to come up with a philosophy, which can usher change for humanity.

As a writer, you have to transcend the boundaries of regular ideas and philosophies and come up with a new thought process. Write with conviction; it’s only possible if you look at life from a holistic perspective.

Your words will ring true and adhere to the minds of readers and bring in a change which can transform the future course of humanity.

Every writer is carrying the responsibility to use precious words judiciously and trying to bridge the gap between positivity and negativity. Balance is the key in life.

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