As Day Blossoms

When the Day blossoms

Waking up from the meditative night

The Light yields the clairvoyant lustre

Infusing Life with disciplines of Nature

As mysteries of the universe unfold

Blank papyrus chronicles the knowledge

Revered cosmic ink delivers the tenets

That is how Nature prospers and grows

Benevolence of each day is a blessing

Exuberance of Life bears testimony©

8 thoughts on “As Day Blossoms

    1. Nature will be relevant and will exist only without the threats of human ambitions and innate desire to plunder. Humanity is not contributing anything to this Nature/Earth. All I can see is some small desires and dreams which are more often than not , ‘selfish’. But having said that, Nature knows how to achieve equilibrium and will take necessary measures when time comes. We have to live with Nature and not against it.

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      1. That’s true, but we have to change our lifestyle and everyone has to take a pledge to not promote GMO food, or unnatural growth of any food products, not burn fossil fuels for pleasure, not fuel demands for electronic good (e-waste) et al. There are so many things we have to change in order to preserve Nature.

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      2. Yes, policy changes can be influence when the masses are more well informed and educated about these things. Corporate culture prevents such changes from taking place and keeps the majority in a bind.

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