Through Rocks

None can understand what conspires in the soul of a rock

From the pinnacle of the Himalayas to the deepest core of Earth

Layers and layers of suppressed emotions

Who are we to put a price or measure their value?

Traded with disdain as a piece of rock determine status

Hearts cannot fathom the stories of rocks

Maybe they weren’t supposed to be unearthed

They can sure intimidate us and start a power struggle

When rocks meditate or are carefully crafted by erosion

Deep down, the molten rocks flow like a tranquil river

Life is etched on stones in Universe’s ciphers

With careful craftsmanship, they transform into ceremonial pieces

Without their consent invading their territory 

Shaping their destiny with chisels- Geology to Gemology

Shattering them to pieces for our convenience

Even rocks aren’t spared to display the designs of humanity

They can sure help breach the sanctity of kindness 

Sharp and untamed pieces can inflict wounds and demarcate

So many premises are there to stonewall feelings 

Stymied world can never comprehend nature and its purpose

Rudimentary ideas are still in vogue©

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