Perennial Radiance

Perennial radiance goads darkness to reveal its feelings Open its soul and to take a deep plunge into ethereal refulgence Tales of yore narrated with enthusiasm to solitary souls In true measure guiding a seeker towards the realm of illumined space Battling worldly destiny and defying all complexities Dreams glide across the cerulean path to reach valleys of native paradise Once encircled with pleasant life the … Continue reading Perennial Radiance

Truth Echoes

Truth, rarely spoken, unaccustomed ears do not listen  Soul lays supine; enjoying the slumber and artificial indulgences Slothful hearts wish not to wake up early and experience reality Melodious echoes cease to resonate in a world of chaos Ethereal choir plays for the silent souls, respectful of life’s ways One who stays away from attacking each day with thousand battalions When rivulets evaporate from the … Continue reading Truth Echoes