Rushed Desires

Waiting to be embraced, the rejuvenated Self There is no rush or none can decide the undesirable path Wishing for everything, to obsess over other’s life Powerful urge aroused by potent desires  Unrefined languages are incapable of explaining the truth Most of the unknown is conspired to be a mystery Rude awakening every day for identities intersect  Creating a diagram of life with dark lines … Continue reading Rushed Desires


The eyes look out for the subtle changes desired Some profound signs are reflected across the horizon Sun narrates the fate of the world to enlighten souls Many possibilities have been pushed aside in darkest worlds Fear of being exposed of the weaknesses and hybrid ambitions Universe peeved with the debauched souls propagating cynicism Beliefs deficient in reasons, not aligned to Divine energy Chakras of … Continue reading Transition

The Echoes

Wonder which language the ancient monuments speak Once grand and glory of an Age they survive the onslaught of time Many mysteries are whispered by the walls, remain still in oblivion Not all the stories have been narrated and those spirits await liberation Narratives remain relevant forever as eternity carries them Listen to the murmurs of the mountains and impatience in surrounding winds Echoes between the … Continue reading The Echoes