Intensely preoccupied with the dreams Withdrawn, but focused on the visitors unknown Purpose spelt out; formulated to include similar thoughts A shrinking world captured in virtual reality Man to machine, dreams are algorithms  Luring everyone towards an inclusive world Only who wish to exclude the original beliefs Pockets tailored after calculating the desired outcomes Demarcated and identified by numbers Profiles translate to statistics Reality rarely reflected in … Continue reading Preoccupied

Towards Hope

It’s futile to scream hope, with much rage in the heart True essence of that feeling in danger of being singed  Settle down, contemplate and introspect Hoping against hope?  Or, genuinely making an effort to search for a new way Things from wants forces the procrastination Roughshod treatment of life; visions of horror comes to haunt Vehement denial from the upstart  Eagerness to experience life … Continue reading Towards Hope

The Night

The night may appear obscure  But the Universe is at its brightest I can lend my ears with patience Listen to the communication inquisitively  Furtive eyes spend time to understand The magnificent visions Diverse colours are alive  There is serenity in the cheerfulness of stars Easy to discern the Moon’s expression I consider night to be a phenomenal day Only with magical and mystical appearance Night is for … Continue reading The Night

The Purpose

One has to toil with the spade in hand To remove the heaps of discontentment Plenty of landscapes have been disfigured Negligently throwing away hope and desire Compressed and suffocated Undulating journey falter the steps frequently Why leave behind woes? Seek happiness with a noble heart  Never shy away from simplicity Profound truths of life are robed in modesty Virtuous souls are incorruptible Eternity’s enduring mantra … Continue reading The Purpose