The Purpose

One has to toil with the spade in hand

To remove the heaps of discontentment

Plenty of landscapes have been disfigured

Negligently throwing away hope and desire

Compressed and suffocated

Undulating journey falter the steps frequently

Why leave behind woes?

Seek happiness with a noble heart 

Never shy away from simplicity

Profound truths of life are robed in modesty

Virtuous souls are incorruptible

Eternity’s enduring mantra guides the journey

One can breathe the fresh air

After the heaps of negativity are cleared

Someone has to take the responsibility

To make the ground fertile again

Divert the rivers and streams to right destinations

Seeds of happiness and contentment can be sowed

Pure knowledge can germinate

Roots will run deeper and show resilience

Inclement weather and challenges cannot uproot

Growing with nature is a Divine dream

Earth will be sanctified with pure faith

Chaste desires will be relived in many lives

Emerging stronger in every birth

Being happy is worthy and souls desire such

Pleasure of experiencing life increases abundantly

Dreams will become immortal

Be strong to ward off the negative challenges

Happiness is a worthy seeking©

6 thoughts on “The Purpose

  1. Amitav, your words bring me happiness and optimism when reading each of your literary masterpiece. We are so fortunate, in this blogosphere, to meet such an inspiring poet like you, and glimpse over your indelible mark in this internet world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks for this kind compliment. I know you always read my work, and I am grateful. Words of appreciation for my writing inspires me to continue with this journey.
      My best wishes for you and blessings!

      By the way, may I know your name? Sorry, I never asked earlier.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome, and you can call me Bauhinia. Despite my hectic studies recently, I still relish in finding a solitary place and catching up with your creations one-by-one with admiration. My pleasure to meet you and how much I have been immersed in your elegant style. May your gifted writing talent continue to intrigue like-minded readers, and may your inspiration blossom in each passing day.
        Warmest wishes from Bauhinia 😃

        Liked by 1 person

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