Natural Life

Swimming the depths of fluid consciousness Undercurrents can take swift and sharp turns  Take the mind towards unknown directions Ability to vision with clarity and adapt requires patience In one breath surviving eternity Events in distorted reality consumes Time unnecessarily Diluting the body’s memory Weakening the intellect while dealing with exhausting thoughts Arrogantly wishing to usurp laws of eternity Living forever, a dream has been … Continue reading Natural Life

Subtle Evening

Soft speeches of a mellow evening becomes audible Eager senses wishes to rest for a while with the intriguing tales Accompanied with dulcet tunes, the narration reaches a crescendo Poet’s heart is thrilled to communicate in a softer tone of life Carrying delicate emotions nurtured by cosmic love Now it’s time to listen to the messengers beyond time Silence promises to shelter the tender moments … Continue reading Subtle Evening

Living Consciously

Expecting positive outcome from life by communicating with negative thoughts in mind regularly will not yield a healthy existence. There is a considerable increase in anxiety, depression, aggression, and unhealthy competition which prevents self-growth and alienates an individual from realising the true potential of life. Here, life in not a constricting definition of a body which has a mind. The mind is not the intellect or … Continue reading Living Consciously