Moments and Memories

Chaste mind reminisce fresh memories of twelve months Last two days before bidding adieu to some and carrying most of them along Echoes chant in the mind when hopes are birthed from new beginnings Translucent waves of thoughts drifts across the mind’s landscape Of winter days when nights become sharper, yet dreams of pastures green appear Wanting to touch the golden rays of hope snuggling … Continue reading Moments and Memories


Transcend the metaphor of time Veils of unawareness are erased by consciousness Entire existence reflected in a powerful point The enticing redundancies are relinquished Refulgence of purity illumines the being Simple measures of eternity reveals reality There is no urgency to adulterate with complexity All the calculations become simple These memoirs are without paginations Cryptic messages resonate limitlessly© Continue reading Simple

Oceanic Moments

Tantalisingly close, yet the depths are unfathomable Oceanic secrets held by eternity as a mysterious chapter Waves are tranquil and uproarious, depending on the feelings Silence and stormy moments do not yield the precious secrets Listening to the echoing sounds and jostling emotions  Is an experience along the passage of timelessness Footsteps on the sands will be washed away or erased by winds A traveler’s efforts … Continue reading Oceanic Moments