Secret Rendezvous

Morning teardrops entangled with night’s narrative Visible clarity bemuses the heart; it’s difficult to know the truth What conspired during the rendezvous?  Moon had been shy and distanced by shades of melancholy  Lustreless Nacre floated between strings of clouds Sunlight tries to arouse the soul and seek an explanation Fog is a riddle unsolved, feeble hands of rays tries to erase doubts Morning infused with … Continue reading Secret Rendezvous


Sliding towards a darker side of the day There have been enough distractions and tiring thoughts No regret! Heart was engaged to identify the heartbeat of life Spine seems fragile but can bear the weight efficiently Arched according to the curvature of life’s leanings Body does start a monologue to narrate the undesirable burden Eye rolling can gather all the rage that surrounds Sometimes trailing life … Continue reading Waiting