Towards Hope

It’s futile to scream hope, with much rage in the heart

True essence of that feeling in danger of being singed 

Settle down, contemplate and introspect

Hoping against hope? 

Or, genuinely making an effort to search for a new way

Things from wants forces the procrastination

Roughshod treatment of life; visions of horror comes to haunt

Vehement denial from the upstart 

Eagerness to experience life and to acquire knowledge

Vagueness shrouds the journey

Being unsure of the Self, a journey is destined to fail

Allowing the head to outgrow the soul with knowledge inaccurate

Needle of time punctures the brain

Common sense, the knowledge of souls escape from micro perforations

Happy waltzing with false ideologies

The blink and miss phases of realization blur vision

Tired eyelids, heavy with the burden of looking at controversies

Contained in the enlarged mind are dubious theories

Memorising and duplicating unverified debates vehemently

It’s a journey where the eager heart wants to experience

Communicate with the soul, dimensions of life will reflect

Rays of awakening will congregate, a Spiritual truth©

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