Reasons to Lament

We find many reasons to lament

Trekking through the uphill terrains

The path of life strewn with challenges

Having lost the custody of original compass

Navigating blindly without a direction

Scattering here and there, in every direction

Our thoughts running the wild course

Fallacies are magnified exponentially

Dilapidated walls engulfed with overgrown moss

Breathing the dampness of unenlightened thoughts

Words bent from the manipulated twists

Entwining the gullible souls into submission

A child’s mind is at peril of being misshapen

Staring at a moral breakdown and slippery grounds

Overgrown fields yield the results of hopeless seeds

Often left to feed on the magnified rhetoric

Weakening roots and the aimless wanderings

Strong unfavourable winds uproot many souls

Manifestation of insecurity by the lost travelers

Widening chasms between the interconnectedness

Many versions of differences run the course

Alienating the fellow travelers to move ahead

With an endeavor to claim success and create a cocoon

Living within the self-proclaimed walls of success

Highest mountains and rough terrains are threat no more

Not even the natural calamities and destruction

When we have created fiends with distorted imaginations

There is a perpetual winter which freezes the soul

Every action cuts like a scythe across the beliefs

It’s not a welcome sight for the eyes anymore

We have spread ourselves across the bottomless abyss

Only to be relegated to oblivion without a trace

We have many reasons to lament for the woes

Unable to control which is beyond our comprehension

Many nights souls shall lay awake in desperation

Oh misery! Oh Misery! The seeds of woes sewn by us

Thinning trusts add to the odd predicament that exists

A tempestuous time prevails as a cloak of destruction©

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