7 thoughts on “Finding Success

      1. Trillions are piling up in bad debts, due to personal as well as business loans. I see there’s an urgency everywhere and most business are not even future ready or sustainable. Wonder, what these business schools are teaching.

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      2. Having gone to one, they usually teach that you can build up capital quicker and then become more financially stable faster by entering the marketplace with debt since by the time you actually have all that money it will have to be reinvested due to change.
        This may be the case, but only in terms of ever-increasing expansion. When there is market pull-back or shrinkage, the debt is the first thing that topples companies too heavily invested, which seems to be a great deal of them.
        Now the banks are worried as well. They don’t actually have the money they loan out. What happens when the bubble bursts?

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