Day arrives without anticipations Till the heart’s desires fill its pockets With some desires and dreams Some, more than mere yearnings Constrained by time, seeks freedom Thrifty day, and much to achieve These sincere wishes are simple But gradual and wishes for patience Day speaks to the soul to pacify Just a few moments from eternity There’s more to arrive as gifts With hope and lovely … Continue reading Surprises

Eternal Synthesis

Words of the soul rest somewhere in the deep folds of eternity Imagine the Lotus nurturing them like dewdrops sweet and aromatic Even the gaze look beyond to understand the profoundness of silence Affinity toward a synthesis of worlds from a celestial destiny These languorous moments comfort the soul like a warm blanket It is not necessary to meander and reach when destiny comes calling … Continue reading Eternal Synthesis


Unrestrained spirit of the mind, it seeks without the permission of a slumberous time Wandering across eternal expanse; enjoying the cosmic rhythm and secret colours of universe Focussing on numerous esoteric images floating around in ecstasy with an energy divine Stunning display of spirit dances from worlds unknown defies the constraints and earthly squabbles Although transient, the spirit gathers the forces to spiral across many … Continue reading Unrestrained