A Landscape

Do not drag insensitivities along the beautiful landscape When stars are breathing laboriously in times of imminent conclusion A life will surrender to eternity, only to be awakened with new consciousness Through the sieve of cosmic reasoning, dreams will sprinkle their seeds Eternal Aurora wipes away a persistent darkness to reveal a beatific face Rays are infallible and chronicle a fate that will be celebrated … Continue reading A Landscape


Do you anticipate an expression(s) or is it that your actions trigger a string of reactions which could be the antithesis of your positioned thoughts. How closely one can read faces and their expressions depend on the uncountable times the facial contours change at a given moment. You may look ridiculous while concentrating on the uninterested faces of passersby, who only care to sneer at … Continue reading Anticipation

The Cups

Would you fill all the cups with darkness, or leave few of them empty for the light too   Transcendence isn’t incidental   Was light born of darkness or the other way around   Maybe they are both independent and equally fierce, trying to obliterate each other’s presence   The battle of significant energy reaching a crescendo, inaudible to the mortal ears   Also, incomprehensible … Continue reading The Cups