The Meandering

The meandering eloquence of verses are cryptic experiences Expensive indecisions and weary emotions seems unreal for a while Life’s precis is punctuated even further with unnecessary commas Insoluble feelings are unsettling while eyes stare at cloudy waters  That which weighs down is inexplicable, but a parallel force unnatural Nuances are smudged and slant across the coarse papers Misshapen perceptions erase reason from the words and empty … Continue reading The Meandering


The wind has been incomprehensively powerful A heart, rebel it has become and wishes to resist the outrage Somber face but clenched fist and a strange turmoil between It feels lonely at times and offending to the vacuously powerful It cuts across the determination, but not too deep to slay Terror of uncomfortable silence can be vanquished The only reason can be found entrenched in … Continue reading Gust


Fascinated eyes navigate through the languid realms Sleep seems uncertain when the heart is placed between stars Set sail with the wind after relinquishing the arduous sentiments Words become irrelevant after listening to celestial stories Eyes carry the depth of blue and soul overflows with desire Once obscure world emerges from the cyclical haze  Dreams become reality when the yearning reaches a frenzy ~Amitav Continue reading Fascinating