Improvidence is the ultimate luxuriousness  Scrapes echo louder every day As feeble walls display the plunder Time won’t heal maladies that are immune Fragile frames will crumble  Grandeur won’t withstand amidst empty promises Lewd designs and freakish desires  Egomaniacal bragging fill up the void ~Amitav Continue reading Accumulated

End of Day

End of day; the world scurries toward the darkness Feelings collapse and wind blows with less intensity Hiding between the labyrinthine folds of lightlessness There’s a rush for some solace across that anonymity Movement of problems unsettle them forever In motion, but nowhere to go or find some reason They trickle down the cracks and escape Stimulates urban decay in a subtle manner While heads … Continue reading End of Day


Prodigal thoughts lure creativity to unexplored realms  Through many nomadic travels in solitude, in search of inimitable flair To seek immortal treasures Nurture them with unprecedented energy and sensibilities to speak eternally Such wanderings isn’t vainglorious, but do not succumb to ignominious taunts Intoxicating aspirations; not delirium, but euphoric realisation of treasures The armour of indefatigable consciousness and jubilation of fertile verses Sun may recline … Continue reading Creativeness

Obscure synonyms

Those who choose to relinquish the purpose and walk with the crowd Blends easily with similar identities and speak language that resonates With a gathering of ears while earthly time decides the pace of journey That desire to be distinct soon erases from each grain of existence Curdles language and incoherent feelings inadequately communicate Thick flow slows the pace of feet that dreamt of walking … Continue reading Obscure synonyms