Nothing Endures

Attempting to visit obscure time Rewinding the thoughts in a convoluted design It’s a feeling inspired from eternity Going back may divulge the missed moments Undesirable then and lack of inclination To comprehend or paucity of intellect When that moment is lost  Now won’t be relevant to the past Knotted in time and displayed in universe None can breathe life in retrospect Chastising now is … Continue reading Nothing Endures


Stroking the obstacles etched on the forehead Trying to familiarise with the lines and worries between them A vague journey with huddled fingers Shrinking thinking, while indolence grips the mind Swirling eyes narrate bewilderment; fingers clasped awkwardly A strange gathering of worries and a confused gaze Two distinctly different entities- life and worries; an odd mix It’s a journey of unawareness and surprises ~Amitav Continue reading Worries