To Awaken

When I close my eyes, dusk is not inevitable Even deceive darkness, into a realm of radiance The soul bathes in glorious tranquillity Those who doubt become invisible Seeking the invisible; the reality within This shelter divine protects the hope A body isn’t frail but soul’s eternal Heart seeks a mantra of celestial echoes Finest vibrations erase the weaknesses ~Amitav Continue reading To Awaken

In Loneliness

There’s less to worry about solitude  Eternal gloriole pushes away the gloomy moments Loneliness projects those splendid dreams Brought alive with feelings across a fine canvas When words become obsolete  Silence stirs some rare emotions  Liberates the soul from burdens of explanations Echoes become true friends Carrying some secret feelings of places unknown Never doubt the exuberance of silence  The jubilant air has some divine … Continue reading In Loneliness