Troubled Times

Pangs of troubled landscape sting incessantly Curiousness and consciousness never flourish in arid terrains Frail shades of life engulfed by ominous darkness There’s not enough regret over those erroneous continuities Unaware of that sunset which nullifies the superficial efforts Depleted emotions and redundant aquifers Barely satiates the yearnings of journeyers in harsh times ~Amitav Continue reading Troubled Times

Of Sleep

Sleep folded neatly by the unseen hands of dreams Wintry and reluctant heart feels the cold cryptic night This ethereal moment seen with earthly eyes and dilemma Rest contradicts restlessness for sleep feels a celestial sorcery Slumberous eyes conceive a narrative from tenebrous allure Sweetness of night is like celestial nectar Comfort folds of sleep is willing to cradle the unquiet heart ~Amitav Continue reading Of Sleep


Fears spark controversies and conflagration lights up a path That could have merged, but diverges into a fiery parallel reality This distance singes the feet and keeps away chances of reconciliation Dividing dreams into bothersome duality tearing off the resistance Hyperrealistic intensity deeply furrows the subtle canvas  Some bold designs on close inspection reveal the fervent cinders Fear hides under such circumstances and annihilate the … Continue reading Fear

Of Jealousy

Jealousy isn’t inspiring and does not blend with creativity Those wrinkles premature won’t be calmed easily once they appear Confusion arise from jealousy and unrepentant mingling of feelings Something created from pure innocence carries eloquence forever Oh! Those spirits pallor indicate the maladies and weaknesses Pain of jealousy is indifferent to medication of love and promises Once exuberant jealousy afflicts the heart and weakens creativity … Continue reading Of Jealousy