Emotions are wrapped densely in an unrecognizable quagmire Superficial explanations are unable to sort out the incoherently blended designs Of a mind that has decided to space them with unpleasant surprises Trying to align the layout according to the convoluted stirrings of whimsical ideas There is that eccentric spark from available facets of a strangely shaped heart Surrounded by immodest intentions while marking out an unsettled … Continue reading Wrapped


Dreams from another dimension Deliberately discerning and sometimes delirious Dampened like a swab; feels weighty Drenched with perceptions and delightful Deep sleep seeps into another world Dizzying mind balances across dazing worlds Dreams are incisive and delude a morbid reality Dreary world sans dreams are deluged Deepening the relationship with eternal dimensions Daring dreams aren’t deleterious, but dreamful ~Amitav Continue reading Dreams