Fractured Dreams

Fractured dreams

Yearns to be wrapped in love

Soft feelings can heal

Held close to the heart

To whisper the occult spell

Don’t write the saddest lines yet

There’s hope for the dreams

Wish under the infinite sky

Embrace the dreams again

To nurture them to life

Let tears wash away the agony

Drown in the eternal

To find the way to be traversed

Fractured dreams will heal

Love can revive desires, again©

18 thoughts on “Fractured Dreams

    1. Thank you so much. Age, for a writer, or in fact for anybody, is a number; sounds cliched I know, but in this eternal journey I do not keep count. Thank you for the best wishes for everyone. 🙂


  1. What if youve explored and exhausted all other options.
    The best friebd who is my opposite.
    The most psysically attractive male from the ‘scene’. Too bad looks didnt mean more to ne.
    The foreigner who promisred travelling the world and showered me with gifts.
    The handsome fellow which my experiences and hobbies alll matched his.

    Ive come to the conclusion i wont ever desire anybody else.

    Will he come back if i have faith ? Or was this just my fate. Cause karma is a harsh one. I deserved the heart break.


    1. In this eternal journey, options are never-ending. It’s with the mind’s eye and the soul with which you have to seek. Desires should not be restricted to physical attributes only, body withers away, but the souls is eternal. Having said that, somethings which you may have wanted does not come to you or does not happen in life because they were never meant to. There are better things waiting for you in life. Karma and its consequences cannot be denied but changing the course of life towards positive karma will bring the positive things to you and the heart and soul will approve. It is important not to stop dreaming with positive desires. Blessings to you.


      1. If, as a writer we do not believe this then we as creative people or writers have not yet started the creative journey. Worldly things will be there but we have to transcend the limitations and this mere existence to write.

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