It is a continuous struggle to create a new identity

When this idea of individuality is ambushed by tirades

Propensity to forcibly forge relationships to anchor life 

Desires are influenced by the enigma of being accepted 

Every day it’s time to ratify the same script of definitions

Waiting for approval and monotonously trudging along

An entire universe neglected due to minuscule aspirations

Inertia of the mind is the perfect way to restrain growth

Consciousness and the subliminal world in turmoil

Lamenting the boundaries of life and unknown abysses

Natural phenomenon becomes alien to unaware hearts

Monotony is cloned to transform them into new distractions

There is complacency in the entire drama by happy mimicry

Clichéd dialogues receive the applauses as learned response

Voices carrying the truth are silently watching life unfold

Solitary identities that are rooted in nature of life are free

Away from the cycle of detentions that are habitually executed

Freedom is a blessing bestowed on the conscious travelers

Adventures that awaken the mind are always sacrosanct©

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