Troublesome and Triumph

It is not the crowd, but those thoughts that connect them

They find their way in a sudden deluge of urgency

So eager to drown the mind with unnecessary wave 

Eyes struggle to stay relevant and locate the nearest shore

Floating against the constant push to obscure a vision

Maybe the fear of depth has been written erroneously

Fear of surrender to the natural wave of thought

Patience is always arduous in the rush to move ahead

If not the coercion, there is always hands pulling you down

Rarely, they care to know the feelings and heartfelt narration

Not even flinching while conspiring someone’s decline

Azure and comforting feel of nature fail to heal macabre minds

There is that pleasure to watch someone become irrelevant

Sickening! Still, someone would want to know aberration of humans

It takes solitary will and immense strength to keep afloat

Being relevant for the Time that will be benevolent to this sacrifice

Communications will mature with blessings of cosmic elixir

Let’s not describe this dream as surreal and wait for truth to prevail


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