A Poet

Poetry emerges from the unknown world Rather forgotten due to the chaotic shifts Pushed away the lands of clear feelings To invite a world of ambiguities Maybe, called the feelings of metaphysical They exist and the poet finds credence  Poetry is like a mystical journey with feelings Conjures the spirit of life’s reality They still exist, but remain in anonymity Poet travels like a hermit to … Continue reading A Poet

Fate of Happiness

Happiness lurks in a decrepit world It has taken refuge after insolent times It’s soul been damaged by constant apathy Hide-n-seek with sorrow and happiness Sorrow is a chosen feeling of mankind The mind briefly feels happiness and discards Fear of too much happiness Is considered to be a myth over life of hardships Reality painted in dull colours Heavy expressions and sighs burden the … Continue reading Fate of Happiness


Prevalent predicament indicates that humanity being busy is not yielding any positive outcome. We are embracing the idea of busyness because we have been taught or indoctrinated to lead such a life. Otherwise, we risk being called a lazy bumpkin who does not believe in the useless comparisons and has a subtle and easy approach towards life. Anything that is simple and easy raises many eyebrows … Continue reading Busy

A Feeling and Commotion

When we do not comprehend a feeling We become obsessed with it and scrutinize Mere superficial curiosity translates to various definitions On the stilts of words a feeling called love travels Navigates through treacherous terrains of complexities A pure feeling is jolted to the core across tumultuous journey None realizes love beyond the physical Till then the commotion with the feeling will persist Love has lost … Continue reading A Feeling and Commotion