Photographs replicate the moments that are visible

Difficult, deciphering the real emotions and sentiments

The faces become prominent and background is forgotten

Sometimes the reality can be traced back with communication

Protagonists in the photos give away clues with their eyes

A mind that can read visual art and also read the unsaid

Holding a photograph can weigh on the mind with its mystery

What if the one in the photographs never wanted to be there?

Clicked and framed against their will, none would ever know

There are so many characters of a photograph we know not yet

Lenses are not dense enough or reflective to read a soul

Will continue to narrate stories till the time they do not fade

Intrigue the world, but the shadows of anonymity will be there

Even the photographer is unaware with whom the heart liaise

Sometimes unaware or with mutual agreement it becomes a reality

A photo stimulates the mind to sift through possibilities

Sometimes that’s the closest you can get to an unknown world

Look into the eyes and hold hands drifting towards imaginations

Moments have passed and photographs are the unsolved puzzles©

2 thoughts on “Photographs

  1. Beautifully written Amitav! I have often thought about how photographs could reflect a lot many things but they fail to do so because of all the focus on that one moment alone! Especially today when people are sharing their world with others through pictures alone…everything seems perfect in others’worlds…but is it really?

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    1. Thank you so much, Aishwarya.

      Photography is an elaborate subject. The philosophy and psychology involved surpasses the layers in the images. Moment(s) can be a confluence of myriad feelings and sentiments. To decipher a photograph accurately is impossible, but one can try doing it.

      About sharing/over-sharing our life in pics I agree, it is going overboard with ones life.

      Sometimes to hide vulnerabilities and insecurities (a defensive psychology), such social media trends send wrong signals and urges people to share too much. This is not a great idea. Balance is the key and to be informed is always a good choice.

      Thank you (always) for sharing your thoughts on this.

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