Desires scream for encore moments, nothing changes Maybe the rhythm becomes an addictive necessity for the senses Axis of life rotates around the known dimensions Wobbly movements send disconcerting feelings through the body Looking for a different trajectory in vain Doors and windows trap the emotions deep within walls Unreliable foundations spring concrete surprises in discrete spaces Although flimsy, no one lends an ear in the … Continue reading Aberration

Another Poetic Collaboration — lay3rs of z3n by z3ng33kgr7

The following is another ad lit – spur of the moment – synchronous poetry spilled forth by Amitav [A] and z3ng33kgr7 / zGGy [M]. These are times I truly find joy connecting with other souls in a genuine effort to enhance ourselves and others while creating art. Hope you enjoy. Namaste! Mirroring the beauty within […] via Another Poetic Collaboration — lay3rs of z3n by z3ng33kgr7 Continue reading Another Poetic Collaboration — lay3rs of z3n by z3ng33kgr7


Itinerary planned through installations and institutions Insurgent thoughts inciting incendiary incidents Inimical thoughts indict the heart by initiating inconvenience Intolerance emanates from incapable and incarcerated intellect Individual ideas indoctrinated with idiomatic incantations Inadequate identity is indisposed from inescapable inflictions Id inflates with illegitimate and insolent ideologies© Continue reading Inconsiderate


Fleeing from dubious seriousness And the shadows of disquieting feelings Nobility of society lost among reflections Talking without sentiments The boredom of dealing with shriveled words Implausible transaction of emotions The void remains unfulfilled Institutions deride the freedom of thought Vague hypotheses of lackadaisical minds Follies will be repeated for sure There is a way to escape indifference Return to the ink and pledge conscientiously Write … Continue reading Regain