Life resides in the darkest corners of mind Expectations of the physical pleasures are intense True feelings leak from the numerous loopholes Leaving the body with miserable thoughts  Obeisance to the cavorting spirits of avarice Weak intentions glance cunningly Emboldening the desires to go astray for pleasure Only the meek inculcates a life of deceit Senses yearn to vandalise life with unnatural cravings Boredom birthed from … Continue reading Expectations

Drop of Ink

A drop of ink mirrors profound truth. ~Amitav Sometimes, the reflection is too intense for the naked eyes. Writer’s imagination inspires every drop to carry that passion and fuel the reader’s mind with thoughts. Words are the voice of a writer; presenting a collective and cohesive image. With the idea of sincere conversation with the reader, the writer takes risks to defy common perceptions and … Continue reading Drop of Ink


Each blossom awakens consciousness Unfolding of spiritual equilibrium Listen to the silent joyousness  Petals narrate the designs of patience Divine symmetry enthrals vision Eyes sparkle as colours of cosmos emanate A psychic experience with every blossom Mother Nature’s love overflows eternally Silent prayer carried with the aromas Manifestation of pure truth  Holding a flower is experiencing eternity© Continue reading Blossoms