Letters to Literature

Powerful literature remains relevant at all times and walks around with pride to invite readers to engage with the ideas. It’s the passion of a writer, which is enough to lure away literary enthusiasts to debate vigorously and contribute to the pool of scholarly ideas. The entire experience is possible when a writer relies on creating an imagery that becomes almost haunting. A larger than … Continue reading Letters to Literature


Numerous pools of thoughts filled with slimy consistency Viscosity due to the deep inconsistency and alien friction Only available sources to satiate the thirst for knowledge Drink, or not to drink?  Greasiness fills the mind with sycophancy Seeps into the central nervous system to initiate unnatural craving As the definitions of success collapses exposing the underbelly Bipedal beings walking around aimlessly to satiate the thirst … Continue reading Lethargic

Communicating Love

Life whispers the magical mantra- self-heal my child Love has no beginning or end, neither lost nor found Resides within from eternity  Don’t rush love and instigate a soul to invoke the blurred image of a deity Experiences the opaqueness of love when behind a citadel  Failing to heal when the heart has enormous expectations Life becomes a spent force and wilts without nurture Residing in … Continue reading Communicating Love

Truthful Journey

Masks are becoming vulnerable Peeling off easily to expose the truth Honesty relentlessly weakened their roots Waiting for the dishevelled characters to be exposed Thriving underbelly of existence altered reality Making heroes out of barbarians Ruffians stroll with equanimity carrying sinister plans Glorified reflections appear to be frayed Wisdom is perceived to be a mega jangle  Unsettling and sweeping off the uprooted ones Worrying, those gullible … Continue reading Truthful Journey