Unnecessary microparticles adulterates the pure essence of life Seeking to settle down quietly and weaken the original bond  Is it so difficult to comprehend the increasing distance and tension? Fibrous fractures appear harmless and mostly unrecognised There is no time to heal the little wounds and anoint them with love Subtle breaches are ignored as foundation of life becomes prone to attacks Dazzled by the superlative … Continue reading Unnecessary

Actions Speak

False language articulated by deceptive tongue Ambivalent heart has never been unaware of the subtle insinuations Many attempts have been made to scheme a grand plan  Lure the heart to follow devious routes  Aggrandized dreams always arouse the desires of infamy Why curse fate? Weakness reconciles with the Machiavellian plans If not in entirety, some inclination towards avarice made the choice Indulging in and supporting the opulent lies Life … Continue reading Actions Speak


When silence is of ultimate contentment There is no need to search for those words Eyes narrate the feelings with equanimity Most eloquent communication in silence Satisfying and without the usual distortions Nourishment for the soul  Finally, there is no ambivalence  Without any burden to consider the halves But oneness and complete synchronisation Silence deserves an encore Sweet celebration in the harmonious world Wish for more … Continue reading Silence